LB8P_029_Dream Job

Per partecipare al concorso i progetti vanno inviati entro:

Progetto proposto da Kevin Di Leva, Alessandro De Falco, Emanuele Zupo

DREAMJOB è una realtà aziendale specializzata nel fornire servizi che prevedono l’incontro tra domanda e offerta di lavoro, cercando di differenziarci dai nostri competitor fornendo servizi innovativi come la lista dei colloqui che favorsce tutti, infatti permette di visualizzare un candidato alla volta. Fornendo una specifica Community. L’obiettivo è quello di avviare una nuova start-up.


Dream job The cities, social spaces, companies and houses that we live in are changing before our eyes. It is not just the structures that change, but the digital infrastructures that intersect them. Soon, every element will be connected through the internet in a form of revolutionary relationship. And here we come to play with our app that seeks to simplify your life. We try to renew ourselves and bring you closer to the future, our services through a simple and intuitive web application. This job is a company that specializes in providing services that provide support and efficiency. We are an App that offers solutions that combine the quality of services with the innovations of our project. Our goal is to provide a qualified, timely and cost-effective service, to give customers the opportunity to focus on their business in total safety. We have decided to create an innovative portal to be competitive in the future. The Internet Portal has its own priority and functionality, and it will have to push the user to download the app. We intend to make our App known through social media (also sharing positive feeds, advertising and billboards. Our working system is also based on respect for a sustainable economy with a “zero” environmental impact. We only need suitable spaces (offices, warehouses) that are functional to the needs of the service provided and a second step of company growth.