LB8P_001_No More Waste

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Progetto proposto da Martino Colombo

Creare un’app per ridurre gli sprechi. Non più aiutando l’utente solo con i soliti consigli triti e ritriti per la riduzione dei consumi, ma creando un convertitore da acqua/gas/luce in euro e in aggiunta una guida sui migliori prodotti e elettrodomestici per ridurre il costo della bolletta.


I think that in this period an app is the best way to convey a message. I wanted to create one help people to cut their waste of resources. This project is adressed to anyone who wants to reduce their bill. The app will be sorted in three category: tips, converter, shopping assistant. The first class will have some article on how people could reduce their impact on the enviroment. The second will convert an amount of a certain resource in an approximate value, more data the user will give us the more will our approximation will be ‘correct’. The last part will help the people to choose the best appliance using the data given by the manufacturers and the preferences of the searcher. This app will have an elevated initial cost, in order to make a product easy to understand and user-friendly, but after a few, if it`ll be successful all the costs will be repaid. In order to have this, the most important thing is an expert in app development, I have no experience in this particular field; the other very important thing is the data that we will use for the app, they need to be up-to-date and duble-checked, fortunately gathering them will only take some time but no money, because they should be all online. I had this idea after i waited almost an hour for my brother to end his shower. I tried to tell him that he could wasted less water taking a bath but I didn’t listen to me becuase he was using his smartpone. So the lightning strucked me and I got this idea. If we help people see the waste of a resource not only as such but also as a waste of money I believe that we could reduce our impact on the world. Nobody wants to waste their cash, and with all the information in the palm of their hand they could really stop doing that. my group has only a member: me. So there isn’t any division of tasks.